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Why can't I have pick up and/or delivery between 4 pm and 7 pm?

As the Phoenix Metro area grows, road congestion becomes more and more time consuming. GoGet strives to keep their prices as low as possible; eliminating travel during high-peak rush hours is one way we do this! A few things to remember: You will get your laundry back within the time frame your requested service allows. Also, you are more than welcome to leave your dirty laundry by your door for collection.

Can I add 'Special Requests' with my laundry?

If you have special requests, we are more than happy to accommodate them. Here is how you submit a special request and prepare your order so we can meet your needs: 1. Place the items that have a specfic request in a separate bag. Place a note in the bag detailing your request. Please do not tape special requests to the outside of the bag. Place the note inside the bag. 2. When placing your order, you are provided the opportunity to include Special Washing Instructions. In this area on the Order Form, please describe your special requests.

Do I need to be home at the time of pick up and/or delivery?

No. It is your own preference. If you choose not to be home at the of pickup, please make sure that your laundry is left bagged in sight, outside of your door (unless you have otherwise noted another place in the Delivery Notes portion of the online form.) For the delivery of laundry, please make sure that you have notated a place for us to leave your hanging clothes if you are not going to be home. We do make sure to bag all of the clothes that we use our hangers on, but we cannot be responsible for weather or any other incidents.

Can I provide my own soap?

Currently we do not allow customers to provide their own sooap. We offer a great selection of top quality soaps, that can be selected when you sign up / order.

Can I provide my own hangers?

Yes. However if the customer provides us with large plastic hangers, we will not be able to place the hung clothes in plastic garment bags. GoGet is not responsable for broken hangers, and hangers that are broken will be discarded.

What is the difference between Standard Service and SuperFast?

Standard service requires a 24 hour return time, and our SuperFast service allows for a 8-12 hour return time.

Can I drop off my laundry?

No. We do not have a customer-facing facility. Part of the 'pizzazz' of our Full Service Laundry is the Pick-Up and Delivery! We take pride in that!

Do you offer Dry Cleaning or Pressed Finished of Items?

Not at this time. Check back at a later date though :-)

Can I send in Household Items?

Absolutely! Normal items such as towels, sheets, light blankets, and throw rugs (no larger than 4x6-without backing) are weighed by the pound. Comforters are billed at $25 each for king and queen sizes.

Why have an account with GoGet?

Having a account with GoGet offer many differnt benifits. 1. The portal saves your pick up & delivery address along with gate codes and special instructions 2. The portal also saves your laundry preferences 3. Account holders save on delivery fees and are enrolled in loyalty rewards 4. Special offers are given to members only from time to time 5. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED and no membership fees.

How do I prepare my order for pick up?

Most customers use garbage bags. Don't worry, scented garbage bags will not leave an odor on your clothing. Please note, that do accept hampers. If you leave your items in a hamper, the driver will transfer your clothing into a bag and leave the hammper by your door. If the driver is directed by the customer to gather their order, throughout the pick up location, a $15 fee will be added to the customers invoice.