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350 Pounds of clothing, linens and household items. HECK, even throw in the dog bed too... 

Pick up service from your old home. We will bag it ALL up for you. 

Individual Washing and Packaging: If you elect, we can separate your items based on who the items belong to. (EXAMPLE Johnny, Mom, Sally, Dad) Each persons items will be kept separate. These items will be washed and packages desperately and makes unpacking easy,

Perfectly washed per your specifications and instructions. You pick your soap and softener. Choose between ANY of our premium soaps and softeners. All premium soaps and softeners are included.

All laundry is folded or placed on hangers, properly bagged and boxed. Hanging clothes will be placed in wardrobe boxes.

Delivery to your new home address on the date and time you schedule the delivery. If you are moving out of town, we will deliver your order back to your old house, storage unit or anywhere in town that you request.


Service $699

Additional Pounds $1.20 per

Additional wardrobe boxes (3 included) $20

Unlimited standard boxes 

Individual Washing & Packaging: $15 per person / room.

(Items must be separated at the time of pick up)