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**GoGet My Laundry Terms of Service**  

*Revision Date: 01/15/2022*


1. **Definitions**

   - GGML: GoGet My Laundry

   - Customer: The individual placing an order with GGML


2. **Customer Agreement**

   - Customers affirm their legal right to submit property for processing when placing a service order with GGML.

   - Placing an order implies agreement with these Terms of Service.

   - Placing an order the customer is consenting to the processing of their order, and agreeing to pay for services no later then three hours before the scheduled delivery.

3. **Website Content**

   - GGML's website content encompasses mobile apps and the domain

   - In case of website errors, GGML commits to adjusting billing, limited to $5 per customer for a single occurrence.

   - GGML neither advertises for nor endorses laundry processing products. Images are for display purposes only.

   - GGML reserves the exclusive right to interpret website content.

   - GGML order forms and Terms of Service are integral parts of the GGML website.


4. **Logistics**

   - GGML strives for punctual pick-ups and deliveries. Failure to meet deadlines does not obligate GGML to compensate or refund customers.

   - If a customer opts for no-contact delivery, they must provide GGML with delivery instructions. GGML is not liable for damage, loss, or theft post-delivery.

   - Customers commit to having their orders ready at the scheduled pick-up time.

   - Requests for pick-up/delivery time changes, after GGML commences travel, incur a $25 fee.

   - If GGML fails to pick up an order at the scheduled time, a $25 fee applies, provided GGML travels to the pick-up location.

   - Customers are responsible for providing gate codes. Failure to do so incurs additional fees.

   - GGML may cancel orders with no gate code response within 5 minutes, imposing a $25 No Show Fee.

   - Assisting GGML inside the customer's home incurs a $20 fee.

   - All orders must be bagged in disposable or cloth/soft bags. Hampers are used at the customer's risk, and GGML is not responsible for damages.




Customers assume responsibility for the items submitted to GGML for processing. GGML disclaims responsibility for laundered items labeled "DRY CLEAN ONLY."


GGML strictly avoids washing/drying multiple customers' orders together in the same washer/dryer, ensuring segregation for proper order management. Special requests must be specified at the time of order, entered in the "LAUNDRY SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" section. Customers are advised to bag items with special instructions separately, potentially incurring additional charges for special requests.


Split orders will incur an extra charge of $15 per split. 


Customers acknowledge that GGML does not guarantee the removal of stains. 


Orders with a high quantity of socks will be matched to the best of GGML staff's ability, though some socks may return unmatched.


GGML holds no responsibility for skin irritations resulting from the selected laundry products. 


GGML is not liable for items wrinkled after laundry processing, as it does not provide clothing pressing services.




GGML will not inventory or itemize the contents of customers' orders, making it unable to guarantee the inclusion of specific items. Customers accept that any self-conducted inventory will not be acknowledged by GGML, and GGML will not verify customers' inventory lists. GGML bears no responsibility for items not returned to the customer. Customers are strongly advised not to send in items of personal value or those with irreplaceable or high monetary worth.


GGML does not guarantee the removal of stains. Damaged items must be reported to GGML within 5 days of order return. If GGML assumes responsibility for damaged, missing, or stolen items, reimbursement is capped at 30% of the provable or customer-claimed value. GGML may opt for service credits instead of direct payment.


Customers acknowledge that items ruined during the wash/dry process due to condition, age, or quality are not GGML's responsibility. 


GGML endeavors to check orders for items unrelated to laundry (e.g., pens, watches, jewelry, keys) but is not liable for the return of any items left in the order. If an item in the order causes damage to the customer's laundry, GGML is not responsible. 


GGML does not guarantee that items will not shrink.




By placing an order, the customer agrees to the execution of the work and commits to paying for services based on the terms outlined in the service agreement. Payment for all service orders must be made in full before the order is returned.


Orders must be paid at least THREE (3) hours before the scheduled delivery time. If the customer fails to settle the invoice on time, they are required to contact GGML to schedule delivery after the invoice has been paid.


During the ordering process, customers are asked to specify if their order includes comforters and the quantity. If the customer fails to indicate or underreports the number, GGML will issue a second invoice for the additional comforters. This invoice must be paid before the customer's order is returned.


Unpaid orders may be discarded at GGML's discretion after 30 days, or after 10 days if the order exceeds 150 pounds due to limited storage space. A $75 storage/late fee will be applied if a customer's order remains unpaid for seven days past the scheduled delivery date.


GGML, in compliance with Arizona law, uses certified scales for weighing orders. The weights determined by GGML's state-certified scales are exclusively used. 




Customers are required to submit payment through a click-to-pay invoice link. This link will be sent to the customer via both email and text message once their order has been collected. GGML does not retain or store customers' credit/debit card information.




Customers acknowledge that GGML may communicate with them via phone, call, text message, email, and US Mail. Opting out of marketing communication is available to customers at any time.


It is the customer's responsibility to provide GGML with accurate contact information. GGML is not liable for communication breakdowns if inaccurate contact information is provided by the customer.


Throughout the order process, GGML will send customers alert texts, including confirmation texts, invoice-ready notifications, and order pick-up and delivery status updates. Customers choosing to opt out of these texts will not receive these updates.


Upon placing an order, the customer acknowledges and agrees to a set of terms of service that are explicitly related to the specific service they are ordering. These additional terms supplement the general terms of service outlined here.

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